A Strong Woman vs A Woman of Strength

A Strong Woman vs A Woman of Strength

A strong woman works out every day,

Pride in her appearance she portrays.

But a woman of strength kneels to pray,

Her soul in shape, God leading the way.

A strong woman claims she isn’t afraid of anything,

Looking forward to challenges each day will bring.

Women of strength show courage in the midst of fear,

Declaring triumph through faith because God is near.


Strong women won’t let anyone get the best of them,

So skilled in defenses even if they have to pretend.

Yet a woman of strength gives her best to everyone,

And even on a cloud filled day still bright as the sun.

A strong woman relies on the physical attributes making her tough,

In her search for power and money she will never have enough.


A woman of strength understands that it’s not about material stuff,

Knowing that before becoming a diamond first she’ll be in the rough.

A strong woman sometimes disguises her feelings shadowed by clouds,

Unhinged when challenged on her policy, becoming boisterous and loud.


A woman of strength concerns herself not with judgment from others,

And will not let business interfere with commitments as a wife and mother.

A strong woman is easily impatient, back and forth she will begin to pace,

Counting on her holier than thou attitude instead of depending on faith.


A woman of strength is assured trust in God will always carry her through,

And at the Creator’s appointed time she’ll receive all that is justly due.

A strong woman makes mistakes and avoids the same for tomorrow,

Refusing to take time looking back with reverence and Godly sorrow.


The woman of strength realizes life’s mistakes no matter how slim,

While thanking God for the blessings as she capitalizes on them.

A strong woman walks head first with no doubt in her mind,

No matter what, she’ll not make this mistake a second time.

But a woman of strength knows God will catch her when she falls,

So when a situation arises again, she’s not afraid to answer the call.


A strong woman wears the look of confidence on her face,

Always doing whatever it takes to finish, seeking only first place.

The woman of strength competes with an emotional sense of grace,

Understanding it’s more important to run a Holy Spirit filled race.


A strong woman has faith that for the journey she’ll have enough,

No matter how uneven the terrain or roads being rocky and rough.

A woman of strength knows it’s in the journey she will become strong,

And the love of God is forever with her, no matter how difficult or long.

A strong woman when uninformed thinks that she is being mistreated,

In the end her physical attributes fail causing doubt to become seeded.

A woman of strength will compromise as a little give and take is needed,

Why? Because a lesson not learned the first time is soon to be repeated.

– Luke Easter


Day 2: Wandering in the Wilderness of a Broken Heart

Day 2: Wandering in the Wilderness of a Broken Heart

I never thought I’d ever come to this place again

A familiar place I dare not tread upon

A place of heartache, brokenness and pain.

Suddenly, the memories I’ve buried in the past,

Came open a wound so deep.

It was as if a dark hole wallowed me in

That all I could hear were deafening voices

Of guilt, sorrow and pain

They echo in my ear over and over

Hammering my soul until my spirit breaks into pieces.

And here I am again.

A voice inside me whispers,

“How long will I ever wander around this wilderness

Till I finally get it right?”

“What am I doing here, God?

Why am I here again?”

I sobbed in solitude filled my eyes with tears

As I drove in to a secret hiding place

A familiar place where cries of grief were heard

Till no more tears were left to shed

And no more words were left unsaid.

Holding out tears in the day that passed

Pretending everything was all okay.

I pulled out a smile each passing day

Till all my strength was nay.

Telling everyone that all is fine

When the truth is that my soul was slain.

But now is the time and I had to let it all out,

Get my heart right and shout it all out

Lord, how long will I ever conceal

This sadness that is oh so still,

When my heart bleeds from the inside out.

I wish there were some cure

A medicine available in the world

When one experiences a broken heart.

But there isn’t any – only a heartfelt prayer…

And a renewed way of thinking.

Only time can tell when this will be over.

And I want it all to be over… Right here

Right now, right where I am.

How long dear God, how long?

Till I finally get it right?

How far away is this wilderness?

Do I have the strength to last this journey?

How many more lessons do I have to learn and unlearn?

How many more valleys do I have to walk through?

How many more waters do I have to pass through?

How many more fire do I have to endure?

Lord, I cry out to you.

Take this pain away.

Heal me.

Give me a brand new heart.

I want to wander here no more

In this wilderness of grief and sorrow

I’ve been here long enough

But I will not make a move, not a single step

Until your presence go before me.

We step together into the new place,

A land that you are about to show.

To the land you promised on oath.

The land flowing with milk and honey.

The land where your love is poured out like rain

The land where your joy and peace reside

A place where I will no longer be afraid,

For I know you are with me,

Reassuring me that I am never alone.

That even when storms come crashing again,

I will remain calm, because you are there with me.

Protecting me with your gracious love.

Dear God, I want to come back now.

Bring me home.

You are my home.

Dance with Him (by Amena Brown)

Dance with Him (by Amena Brown)

The past few months have been the toughest time for me, in terms of my personal spiritual journey. I have gone through a season of depression and deep brokenness which I never thought I would ever go through (again). It opened up past wounds which I never realized were still there in my heart. It required the mighty hand of Jesus to pull me back up, heal and bind my broken spirit to make me whole again. I stand here right now only by the grace of God because He is faithful to restore the brokenhearted (Psalm 147:3).

I was listening today to this spoken poetry by Amena Brown and was deeply touched by its message. I see myself being led by Jesus to an unfamiliar dance floor – hesitant to trust Him and yet He keeps on pursuing me, telling me to hold His hand and dance with Him. It’s as if He was trying to teach me brand new steps and wooing me to fully surrender my life to Him all over again – learn from Him as He shows me how much He truly loves me.

Hope you like it as much as I do. Be blessed! 🙂

Dance with Him by Amena Brown

He puts His hand in the small of my back

Two fingers pressed into the centre of my palm

Pulls me close

Steps with His left, my right

I focus on His eyes and try to ignore my feet as they clumsily count

One – Two – Three

I’m trying to trust Him

He knows this dance better than me

I’m still a novice and it’s obvious

I haven’t learned yet to lean in and let Him control the turns

He takes His time and even when I miss a step

It’s fine

He knows I’m learning

He wants me to put my hand in His

Close my eyes and trust Him

With my life

My heart

With worry

And “I’m so scared”

With hurt

Worth and unworthy

With loving and unlovable

And my heart has been hurt before

I have been burned before

Loved and endured loss before

And I am in no mood for a dance

No mood to be romanced

I have become a grace cynic

And love’s worst critic

But He sends me invitations every day

And even though I have yet to RSVP

He doesn’t mind me

Keeps pursuing

And taking steps in spite of me

He is a songwriter

Composing the notes that hold together eternity

And He wants to teach my limbs to sing

He’s been waiting to watch me let go of woe

And worry…until my soul

Sings in that beautiful voice He gave me

That I have somehow come to think

Is not so beautiful

To dance with Him

I must give in

And give up

Plus the trust it takes to really love

And I want to love Him unbridled

Believe in Him with a faith that is unshakeable

Like tree roots centuries deep

Until I learned to follow His time

Take deep breaths

Rest my head on His chest

And my cares at His feet

That I never fear –

As long as I depend on me

Take His hand

Take a chance

Fingertips in the palm of the One who holds galaxies

In His hand

My hand on His shoulder

My heart in His hand

We dance

To a down beat

That keeps time with His heartbeat

And sometimes

It feels like He’s letting me go

When He’s only letting me turn

And sometimes

It feels like He’s letting me fall

When He’s only letting me learn

His is the song that never ends

And in His love

Sinners become friends

He wants to dance with me

Until the only Song I hear

Is Him

To watch & listen to the poem, you may follow this youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geLf02iBRYc


Memories of Tears

Memories of Tears

If I could just pour these tears in a bottle
And toss it out into the sea,
To never even remember
How much pain,
Hurt and brokenness
This sadness feels.
Where can I turn?
Where can I hide?
All these years of toil
Got my heart all soiled
With tears that sting
That my heart can’t sing
Each day I die to my own self,
Each day you let me live in You.
Til I see the dawn I so longed for
When those years of grief 
Were nothing but mist
Lifted up in the sky.
Oh Lord, how great Your love for me!

Maybe… Just maybe…

Maybe… Just maybe…

Maybe the reason why you feel lonely is

because you keep pushing people away

Maybe the reason why you don’t hear is

because you don’t want to listen.

Maybe the reason why you have not loved is

because you have not truly experienced love.

Maybe the reason why you can’t see is

because you keep hiding in the dark.

Maybe the reason why you struggle is

because you don’t seek help.

Maybe the reason why you feel empty is

because your hands are always closed.

Maybe the reason why you feel lost is

because you don’t want to be found.

Maybe, the answer isn’t really that far away.

Maybe, just maybe it only lies right there inside your heart.

My King and I


Jesus, my lover and my King,

Let’s dance this night away.

Teach me new steps.

Take me to brand new heights.

Fill me with Your Spirit.

There is just the two of us,

Alone in the dance floor.

Hold my hand and show me the way.

I lay my worries down,

In your altar where it belongs

For what matters most now

Is the One holding my hand,

It’s You, my King.

This is our moment,

Just You and me,

As the angels sing our love song,

I turn and I twirl around you

You lead the steps and I follow you,

My God and my King.

I put my trust in you,

As I lean on your shoulders

For I know this night is just for us,

I’d put on my most precious garment,

The joy you restored and the love you gave me.

It is all for You, Lord.

You made this just for me,

For You saw the beauty

Behind the stain of sin.

You thought of me

As Your most priceless jewel.

So I am all Yours,

And You are all mine.

Teach me to love You more,

Each day and every moment of my life

Like a love that knows no bound

And knows no end.

And be swept away by Your love,

Over and over again

For all eternity.