Return to Youย 

Return to Youย 

Oh God, please take me back to that same place where the only thing I ever wanted was to be right with you and be forgiven of all my sins.

Take me back to that moment when everything else that I’ve been praying for meant nothing to me after I found you – after I learned how deep your love is, how long you have been waiting for me to come home and how far you’ve come to rescue me.

Take me back when my joy can only be found in You; when I don’t need anything else in this world as long as I have You.
Just You… and me!

I want to be that woman who annointed Jesus with the most expensive perfume which she kept in her alabaster jar, washing his feet with her tears and wiping them with her hair. I want her heart. I want to see… again what she saw, what she discovered that made her gave up her most precious treasure – her life, her past – kept in that alabaster jar which she has been saving up for someone so worthy.

Where is she, Lord… in me? What has happened to her? I knew, I was her. I knew because I walked her shoes before – her shame, her sins and her desperation for a second chance in life. But somehow, I felt I lost her. And I want to find her again.

I want to be her, Lord.

I want her heart – because her heart is broken by this world but made whole by your love.

Will you give me a heart like hers? All my other prayers don’t matter to me now. I only just want her heart.

I want to be so desperate for you, Lord. Desperate not to acquire things of this world, but only you because you’re the only one that really matters.

Give me her heart, Oh God. So I could wipe your feet again with my tears and pour myself out on you in full surrender.

I’m desperate for you, Oh God.

I need you.


You Are Worth Standing in the Altar With

It’s better to wait for the Lord to bring the right one – the one who knows what he wants and is committed right from the start – and enjoy the benefits of being single than to be entangled in a relationship that is founded solely on selfish desires.

Your heart and your time is way too precious to be played around with.


Disclaimer: This is a letter written in a Christian perspective. If you are a not a Christian and you do not agree, thatโ€™s expected. A lot of people will get offended and Iโ€™ll understand. But we, Christians, are called to be the salt and light of this world. Having said so, the Bible should be the final authority in what we believe and what we stand up for.

We can agree to disagree on one thing. But let me just quote what Rick Warren once said:

โ€œOur culture has accepted two huge lies: The first is that if you disagree with someoneโ€™s lifestyle, you must fear them or hate them. The second is that to love someone means you agree with everything they believe or do. Both are nonsense. You donโ€™t have to compromise convictions to be compassionate.โ€

With that said . . .


I am not bashing Nadineโ€ฆ

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Single and Satisfied

Single and Satisfied

Everywhere I go, it doesn’t matter what occasion it is, I always get this same old undying question, “Why are you still single?”

My honest-to-goodness answer to this is a resounding, “I don’t know.” And if you say to me, “Well, perhaps you’re picky or you probably have high standards, that’s why!” My answer to this is, “Why not?”

For the men, “would you rather be with a woman who lowered her standards to be with you? Or would you rather be with a woman who raised her standards high so she could be the best woman for you?”

A woman who knows her worth shouldn’t lower her standards nor should she settle for anything less than God’s best. This is not being prideful at all. It is simply choosing to be content and happy being alone, loving oneself, pursuing one’s own purpose as a woman, and knowing that it is better to be single, sassy and satisfied than be in a relationship but still be miserable.

There are far worse things than being alone. Trust me, I’ve been there! It is better to wait than be with the wrong person.

That is why, I celebrate this season. I travel each year to a place I’ve never been to, meet old friends, make new friends, eat, laugh and most importantly, go where God leads me to and make disciples of all nations!

The Gift of My Self

Let me be the first to honor God in the name of Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit for the gift of MY SELF!

Happy Birthday, Pia! 

Know that God has made you in your uniqueness to live for Him. You have been created in His image and likeness and that you represent Him according to His statutes. You have been given the grace to truly govern, and also been given power by the Holy Spirit to prevail strong and victorious in every circumstance. Peace will be your message in the midst of chaos and peril. Your God-given wisdom will align that which is crooked. You have been given talents that will birth a new generation that will breathe the Word of the Spirit of Christ! Multiplicity and hastening of godly gifts will be your portion in this season. You hold a spear that will lead your troops toward righteousness. You are a sharp arrow who will negotiate in the city gates for heavenly invasion to take place. The rod of iron is in your hands to pull down strongholds that have no godly agenda. Your voice will call a mighty breed of true warriors to engage in tangible movements in the dimensions of the spirit. Increase in the gifts that God made available for you. His Word is your material to build. It will be your only portion of strength and direction. Run the race like you have never done before. God is greater than any of your past put together. What God has planned for you, all darkness put together will not stop it!

Love God with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your soul and with all your spirit.

I pray the Lord increase your capacity to serve and truly live for the sake of others. You have been called completely for the purposes of God most High!!! You carry in you a kingdom that will not be shaken. It is birthed in LOVE, RIGHTEOUSNESS, PEACE and JOY in the Holy Spirit!!! Lead with God’s power!

To my dearest family, friends and spiritual leaders, I love you! Thank you for always covering me with prayers, for believing in me, for accepting my flaws and imperfections, for building me up and helping me grow and for lending me your faith especially at times when I haven’t even got enough for myself.

This is a year of breakthrough for all of us! May God protect each one of you and hold your every endeavor so that still, His name will be glorified.

We call ourselves, The Croods! ๐Ÿ™‚ This is just half of my family who are currently living in Dubai.
Celebrating my birthday last year during my vacation in the Philippines with my eldest sister, nephew, my younger sister, my brother-in-law and my niece.

Hanging out with the Cabana Girls! ๐Ÿ™‚

After service with my favourite 3f striders coaches.

With our spiritual leaders, attending my very first women’s conference called ‘Scarlet Conference’ at Sofitel, The Palm, Dubai last November 2016.

During our Worship/Prophetic Soaking with the Saturday Kids Church teachers

Believing for breakthroughs and miracle during our 2017 Annual Prayer and Fasting with my Life Group.

Life Group Leaders Convergence

At times, I still could not believe that I’ve been serving the Kids Ministry for almost 10 years now!

This year, I’ve been given an opportunity to serve as Discipleship Team facilitator and this was our first DT meeting.

Discipleship Coaching session with Ms. Joy.

 (Special thanks to Ulysses Anongos, a friend, high school batchmate and a dear brother-in-Christ,  who has gone home to be with the Lord last year. His life has made such an impact in mine. The prayer above was his and I am speaking it over me as an honor to Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of our faith.)



About two years ago, I almost walked out on my faith in God. I didn’t wanna serve Him anymore. I didn’t wanna have anything to do with church anymore. Almost wasn’t even not the right word to describe it, because in my heart and in my mind I already did.

I am not happy where I am now, so what’s the point of staying here? 

I was ready to give up my relationship with God to run away with a man whom I thought I love but didn’t wanna have anything to do with Jesus. It’s me and him against the world. Just like those hollywood drama lovestories.

And so one day, I came to a point where I had to make a decision. 

I only get to pick one guy! 

Him or Jesus. 

“It’s now or never!” I said to myself.

My mind says, Jesus but my hardened heart picked him. 

So, I made that choice. 

Immediately, I picked up my phone and told him to meet up with me. And so, he did. But something unexpected happened. 

“No, I can’t carry on with this relationship,” he said to me and walked out.

Heartbroken, alone and abandoned, I dropped to my knees before the Lord with my hands covering my face in shame and in guilt. 

Where do I go now, God, but only to You? After everything I’ve done, why do you still hold on to me? 

As I cry my heart in shame, I felt the Holy Spirit press upon my heart as He reminded me of the prayers I wrote in my journal several years ago. Those days when I would sing my heart out to God as I write my joyfilled prayers:

“Dear God, I love you so much! I am so afraid to lose you and be apart from your love. Please Lord, one thing I ask you, as there may come a time in my life when I will try to let go of Your hands. If ever that time may ever come, please don’t let go of mine.” 

Then God spoke to my heart, “I just answered your prayers, Pia. I didn’t let go of your hands, because you asked me not to.”

Two years ago, I almost lost my relationship with God. Yes, almost, and that is because He wouldn’t let me because He loves me so much to let me ruin myself. And I am sharing this journey to let you all know that He is a loving and forgiving God and even when we are faithless, He remains faithful. (2 Timothy 2:13). 

I’m grateful for that moment, because it allowed me to see the condition of my heart and allowed Jesus to bring healing and wholeness to my being. Now, I am enjoying a wonderful relationship with Jesus. He is the lover of my soul. The only One who completes me! 

Breakthrough Thinking

Breakthrough Thinking

I just want to share this notes which have been very helpful to me as I went through my own struggles in life to achieve the breakthrough that I am enjoying right now. I hope this helps you as well. ย Always remember, just like what the Bible says in Proverbs 23:7, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”ย 

1. Reprogramming the future. We can not go to the past, not anymore.

2. It cannot be changed. There is no reverse gear to what is said and done. It becomes a past happening.

3. We are technically wired in what happened in the past. We must posses our future by living now.

4. The events together with its events are stored in our subconscious mind; everything in the past…everything… The memory contains every emotion and feeling in everything that took place in the past. When we still feel and emote even if it is already a thing of the past, is a clear indication that it has not yet been totally overcome.

5. The past has its own pattern and format. It is relative to its individual. It categorizes events to its own perspective depending on its core values and beliefs.

6. Our past can affect our future and often does not prepare us to face the future. Our past has its limitation and this we learnt from the past. A good man learns from his mistake but the wise learn from the good man. Until limitations are destroyed, we continue to recycle the past into the future. We must breakthrough over these things.

7. The past programs us to operate within the framework of what we have already become. Often there is a gap between what you ought to be and what you are now. What caused this? Disobedience.

8. The past constantly finds the opportunity to resurface and revive its strength and create a strong hold of our present and our future. We must not allow our past to encroach into our future. We should stop its advances.

9. The consequences of the past can be reduced in its advances as we arrest it in the now.

10. The past carries spiritual influences and its lifestyle and dealings on the earth which can be carried forward into the present and the future. Unless there is a clear cut off of the past, these influences will continue on into the the present and then the future. Today is the last day of the past and the the beginning of the future. We must set an expiry date of the past that hinders us.

“Our thoughts control our life, but we have the mind of Christ.”

Source: Notes taken (as shared in facebook) by the late Ulysses Anongos’ from the “Breakthrough Thinking Manual” by Dr. Jonathan David

Sowing Seeds in Time of Tears

Sowing Seeds in Time of Tears

“He who goes our weeping carrying seeds to sow, will return with songs of joy carrying sheaves with him.” Psalm 126:6

There is nothing like the season of sorrowย as itย is nothing likeย a time of being alone with God. You’ll never know Christ until He has brought you through something all by yourself and you chose to be obedient to Him and He was faithful to you!

If God has allowed you to a deeply sorrowful season of your life and have been challenged to sow a seed in your season of tears where you have asked for it to be taken or delivered from it.ย You can be sure that God is up to something so BIG that there is a greaterย glory at stake. Remain faithful to the end because the harder the test, the greater the effects of the past tests that evenย your entire line is going to be marked by your faithfulness. God has a promise to fulfill inspite of your emotions, your situation or even your destructive self.

The question is, do you believe God in your season of tears?