Vision and Sight

One of my favourite authors, the late Dr. Myles Munroe preached a very good message about the difference between ‘sight’ and ‘vision’. It’s one of those messages that really blow you away. I took some nuggets of it and I just wanna publish it here so I don’t lose them.

Here they are:

  • The greatest gift God ever gave man is not the gift of sight but the gift of vision.
  • Sight restricts you to the present but vision releases you to the unchartered frontiers of the future.
  • Sight deals with what is; vision embraces what could be.
  • Sight captures the present but vision captures the future.
  • Vision is the capacity to see farther than your eyes can see.
  • God never intended for you to live by your eyes because your eyes are the enemy of your vision.
  • Sight is limited to the capacity of the eyes but vision is limited only by the boundaries of your imagination, that’s why the Bible says we are to ‘walk by faith and not by sight.’
  • Be careful of the past as it could trap you. We can be very attached to the good old days, we don’t create new ones.

“Look down and be depressed; look around and be oppressed; look up and be at rest” – Corey Tenboom

“Believe in the dark what He told you in the light.” – Corey Tenboom

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