That ‘Special’ Place in Her Heart

She always seemed to be hiding and running away from something. A part of her believed something was missing in her life. And in her search, she found herself, once again, lost.

She wanted to come out of a wrong relationship. She knew this wasn’t her dream. She only wanted to have a family she can call her own. A husband she could share her life with and children she could raise and give her love to. But the longer she succumbed into this ‘relationship’, that promised her the sun, the moon and the stars, the more that dream fades like a morning mist. Although she tried so hard to believe his promises and convince herself that there was hope, deep down the very core of her being, she knew they were all lies.

Depressed. Distraught. Trapped. Lost.

She decided that it’s time – time to make that BIG decision. But…


“What am I going to do?”

“Where do I go?”

“How do I begin?”

Then she heard about a story of a man whose expertise was healing sick people, like very sick people – those whom doctors have given up on. A man who binds up the brokenhearted. A man who can erase the pain of the past and give people a brand new life. A man who gives peace to those whose minds have been tormented by the evils of this world. A man who loves you just as you are. A man who gave up his life so he could give us the life that God has for us. And his name was Jesus.

“I want to meet him!”

“Where can I find him?”

An invitation was handed to her.

“Pray this prayer and invite him to come into your heart and He will come and live with you.”

And she did just as she was told.

That was the beginning of her so-called ‘brand new life’. But then she wonders why the torment hasn’t left her. She still struggles with the pain of a brokenheart. Rejection still haunts her like hell. Her dream of having her own family still lingers in her mind.

“I have to keep moving forward or I will not see this dream come to pass.”

The man who ministered to her promised that this Jesus can make her dreams come true. That if she prays specific prayers she will be able to meet the man of her dreams.

It was actually an enticing offer and she believed him.

So, she reserved a ‘special’ place in her heart for this man. Although she hasn’t met him yet, he is already special to her.

She thought, “I’ll do whatever Jesus tells me to do and serve him so that one day he could introduce me to my future husband.”

And she did… with everything she got – heart, mind and strength. All out. She made sure she does everything right. She tried not to make any mistakes.

She thought, “It won’t be long, though. As long as I do it right and he sees that I am working hard for him, he’s gonna see my heart and reward me for it.”

Days become weeks, and weeks become months and months become years. And still no husband at sight. So, she grew impatient. She started to grumble and doubt the man’s faithfulness to his promises.

She thought, “I served him all these years, yet he didn’t see it! He’s no rewarder at all! He doesn’t really care. He’s a slave master!”

Then out of her anger, she decided to runaway and chase her own dreams… by herself.

“I don’t need to depend on any one, much less to a God who claims to own everything in this world, yet not care about my needs and the desires he placed in my heart. I will chase my own dreams and I’m gonna make it happen!”

And it did. She met someone. She did everything she could and gave everything she got in order to get the man. Finally, that special place in her heart which she has kept locked has been opened and filled.

And for the first time in quite a very long while, she felt happy.

“I’ve finally found what I have been looking for!”

But it only lasted very quickly.

Still, something was not right. There was no peace. There was just too much she had to compromise in order to keep the relationship going. The price was just too costly for her!

“Why do I have to pay so much?”

“Why do I have to keep chasing him?”

“Why can’t he just stay without asking me anything in return?”

“Why can’t he just love me for me?”

So, again, she left and runaway.

“Where do I go now?”

She found herself again in the state where she once was.

Depressed. Distraught. Trapped. Lost.

Then she remembered this man she knew back then. The man whose expertise were binding brokenhearts, healing the sickest of all people, erasing the mistakes of the past and giving people a brand new start in life.

With great embarrassment and hesitation, she went back to him. Although there was still some doubts in her mind, she thought, “Why would I wanna come back to him? He’s a slave-master who doesn’t really care? But I’ll return at least he could give me everything else that I need.”

And He welcomed her back with open arms and gave her everything she needs.


But what she didn’t know was that He is everything she’s ever needed. Unbeknownst to her, He is the love she’s been looking for all  her life. He has given her everything including His very own life and it didn’t even cost her anything. However, her eyes were blinded by her own desires. She couldn’t see it. Her heart has been hardened.

Yet, He continues to pursue her.

Everyday, He gives her the sun, the moon and the stars. He protects her coming in and going out. She never worries about tomorrow – for He provides her everything she needs. Each time she gets lonely, she gets a message from different people who remind her how special and precious she was. He surrounds her with people who truly care about her. His presence was always there with her.

From time to time, she would get tempted to go back to where she’d been. But He reminds her how far she’s gone and this wasn’t the time to give up. “Keep moving forward, my child,” He whispers in her heart.

Everyday, He woos her until finally she breaks down. That special place in her heart which she has kept locked for that “special” person to come into her life – Jesus wants to come in. And finally her eyes were opened. She couldn’t stand it anymore. She’s tired of going round in circles. She’s tired of chasing down this dream. She’s tired of waiting.

So, she decided to let it all go. She decided it’s time for her to unlock the door of that special place and let Jesus in.

And with tears in her eyes, she surrendered that part of her heart to him.

“Here’s the key to my heart, it’s all yours. You may keep it. No one else deserves to be in it but you and you only.”

As soon as He came in, her whole life and future became bright. The darkness fades. It was as if she’d been given a brand new life and a brand new heart. All her dreams start to fade – as they don’t matter so much anymore. What matters more is the One who owns her heart now. Yes, Jesus took over that ‘special’ place in her heart, because after all – that place was, is and always will be His place.

And for the first time in her life, she felt whole… complete!

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