Single and Satisfied

Everywhere I go, it doesn’t matter what occasion it is, I always get this same old undying question, “Why are you still single?”

My honest-to-goodness answer to this is a resounding, “I don’t know.” And if you say to me, “Well, perhaps you’re picky or you probably have high standards, that’s why!” My answer to this is, “Why not?”

For the men, “would you rather be with a woman who lowered her standards to be with you? Or would you rather be with a woman who raised her standards high so she could be the best woman for you?”

A woman who knows her worth shouldn’t lower her standards nor should she settle for anything less than God’s best. This is not being prideful at all. It is simply choosing to be content and happy being alone, loving oneself, pursuing one’s own purpose as a woman, and knowing that it is better to be single, sassy and satisfied than be in a relationship but still be miserable.

There are far worse things than being alone. Trust me, I’ve been there! It is better to wait than be with the wrong person.

That is why, I celebrate this season. I travel each year to a place I’ve never been to, meet old friends, make new friends, eat, laugh and most importantly, go where God leads me to and make disciples of all nations!

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