Breakthrough Thinking

I just want to share this notes which have been very helpful to me as I went through my own struggles in life to achieve the breakthrough that I am enjoying right now. I hope this helps you as well.  Always remember, just like what the Bible says in Proverbs 23:7, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” 

1. Reprogramming the future. We can not go to the past, not anymore.

2. It cannot be changed. There is no reverse gear to what is said and done. It becomes a past happening.

3. We are technically wired in what happened in the past. We must posses our future by living now.

4. The events together with its events are stored in our subconscious mind; everything in the past…everything… The memory contains every emotion and feeling in everything that took place in the past. When we still feel and emote even if it is already a thing of the past, is a clear indication that it has not yet been totally overcome.

5. The past has its own pattern and format. It is relative to its individual. It categorizes events to its own perspective depending on its core values and beliefs.

6. Our past can affect our future and often does not prepare us to face the future. Our past has its limitation and this we learnt from the past. A good man learns from his mistake but the wise learn from the good man. Until limitations are destroyed, we continue to recycle the past into the future. We must breakthrough over these things.

7. The past programs us to operate within the framework of what we have already become. Often there is a gap between what you ought to be and what you are now. What caused this? Disobedience.

8. The past constantly finds the opportunity to resurface and revive its strength and create a strong hold of our present and our future. We must not allow our past to encroach into our future. We should stop its advances.

9. The consequences of the past can be reduced in its advances as we arrest it in the now.

10. The past carries spiritual influences and its lifestyle and dealings on the earth which can be carried forward into the present and the future. Unless there is a clear cut off of the past, these influences will continue on into the the present and then the future. Today is the last day of the past and the the beginning of the future. We must set an expiry date of the past that hinders us.

“Our thoughts control our life, but we have the mind of Christ.”

Source: Notes taken (as shared in facebook) by the late Ulysses Anongos’ from the “Breakthrough Thinking Manual” by Dr. Jonathan David

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