I am the Love you’ve been looking for

My Precious One,

Focus your eyes on me. Remove everything in your life that hinders you from coming close to Me. I desire to reveal Myself more to you. I want your full undivided attention. Look to Me. Spend more time with Me.

I am all that you need.

I am faithful and will fulfill every promise I spoke to you. Be satisfied with My love. I long to fill every broken and empty spaces in your heart because no one else can fill them but Me.

I am the Love you’ve long been waiting for. I am the Husband that you seek. Will you let Me love you? Will you let Me heal you, protect you and give you everything that you need?

I love you. I always have. I always will.

My love for you is nothing like this world can give. It is pure, true, unfailing and eternal.

When you feel unloved, look to Me. Look at My nail-pierced hands. I died for you. I suffered all the pain, bore all the wrath for you – so that you might have life and have it more abundantly. I gave up heaven to seek you, pursue you, find you and be with you – because heaven isn’t complete without you.

You’re my beautiful precious bride and You are worthy of My love.

With all My heart,


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