Lessons in the Wilderness

Nobody like the wilderness experience, but it is in the wilderness where God allows us to die to ourselves, so that only what is essential for us to continue on to the Promised Land lives.

I’m so blessed with this blog, that I am posting it here in my site to also remind me of its lessons – that this wilderness – no matter how dry or barren it is – is necessary for my growth so when I enter the Promised Land, I will learn to appreciate more what God has done in me.

God bless! 🙂


Life has different seasons. This time in mine, is a time in the wilderness – a spiritual time in the desert. Though aware of the Promise land, the wilderness is so much unclear or uncertain. It’s never a place where I want to spend my time with, neither the place where I expected I will be. Nonetheless, by and by, I came to a point when I realized that as of now, there is no other place I should be – than being here.

There were mistakes that gave me hard lessons. But this wilderness experience is a unique part of my growth. Like Moses, David, and Jesus – they go through critical part of formation to emerge as great spiritual leaders. The wilderness is not just a time to ask “How do I get out?” but “What do I get out of it?”



When Israelites escaped Egypt, they…

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