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Above All Else

In my last post, Word Pictures, I tried to give a fresh perspective on why our time reading the Word of God is so crucial. Β And likely, many willΒ affirm that knowing and loving the Bible key. Β After all, this is the foundation of our faith! Β Yet, in that quiet moment when you open its pages, The Bible can also be incredibly intimidating. Β Here are a few suggestionsΒ to make this task doable.

1. Read a book, not a verse.
Imagine you are given a book from a friend. Β How would you read it? Β Would you start in chapter 4?Β Β  Or flip to random pages and look for the perfect one-liner?Β  Never!Β  This type of reading is a surefire way to be confused, misunderstand the intended purpose, and quickly lose interest. Why then do we read the Bible this way?

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