Day 10: Write about Writing 

I wasn’t able to write for the past two days. I know I was supposed to write everyday. The whole purpose of this exercise is to discipline myself to get into the habit of well, writing of course! Unfortunately, just like going to the gym where you kinda start off feeling giddy and excited about the whole task, then all of a sudden, once you have started doing it in a regular basis and it becomes more and more difficult, you think like, “why am I doing this to myself? Why did I even start this in the first place?”

I just didn’t realize breaking that lazy bones and building that ‘muscles’ to write was going to be this hard. So yesterday and the day before, I spent most of my days running around here and there and during the night when I should actually be writing, I was just staring at the ceiling, then later on I start fiddling with my ipad and then the next thing I knew I was caught up scrolling down by what I consider to be the biggest distraction in my life nowadays… Facebook! I know, right? In fact I wonder how easy and focused life would have been if facebook has never ever been invented!

It’s funny how I could write loads and loads of stuff from serious to just silly comments to my friends’ posts but find it so challenging to think of what to write for my next My 500 words post! Oh how I hated myself! I could pull my brains out and still nothing would come out of it. What a waste of time! If I could only turn back time…

Anyway, I guess that is the biggest challenge with writing – distraction! Once you’re distracted it’s so hard to get back into the focus. So, I’m not blaming facebook or any of my social media, which goes to say that if you’re seriously planning on writing something, get away from any social media lest you be enticed and swept away by its charm.

It’s a lesson learned and now, I need to plan better and keep my eyes on the goal and not on the task in front of me. It’s funny that when I couldn’t think of any writing prompt, the prompt I got today was to write about, take a guess? Writing!

I’d try not to get so serious in the coming days and just simply write what is in my thoughts for that moment. Then perhaps, share with you what has happened to me on that day or lessons I have learned in the past that might somehow be of value to you. I don’t know if any of these things might be of interest to you, but trust me, it’s not easy to break a bad habit, i.e. Laziness. Anyway, hopefully by the end of this challenge that bad habit is gone and replaced by good and better ones.

Until next time, I will try to entertain you with some interesting stuff (not like today when I am mostly making excuses for not writing!)

See you soon!

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