Day 7: The Pursuit of Love


Every woman longs to be pursued by her man – not that she enjoys being chased. But I believe it is because there’s just a part in her somewhere deep down her innermost soul wanting to know that her heart is precious and above all else valued. A woman desires to know that it is not only her physical beauty that is desired by a man, but more than ever that she is worth everything to him – regardless of her ethnicity, intelligence or economic background. Everything!

This is probably one of the biggest void in my heart that God had to deal with me. Frankly speaking – and I’d be very vulnerable in saying this, that I have yet to experience this from any man I had met in my life. It is something that is as rare as a diamond – a character that is established from his love for the Lord; a strength that cannot be shaken; and a perseverance that is willing to move heaven and earth to find his woman and fight for her.

At times, it makes me sad, wondering if perhaps, what I desire only happens in movies; that perhaps this type of men do not exist anymore. Maybe not in this generation. It is disheartening when you see some men (and I’m not saying all) that due to this world’s massive advertising on anything ‘instant’ and promoting of gender equality that roles have been switched. Men no longer want to pursue a woman, instead they just stand and wait. If not, they simply opt for someone who is within their arms reach.

And I’d like to think that I am mistaken. I really do.

I’d like to believe that the man I long been waiting for is still out there – making himself ready to meet me. I’d like to believe that he is setting himself apart from the world; that he considers himself a cut above the rest; and that he also desires to be with a beauty who is worthy of his strength – that is a strength coming from the heart which is the most attractive attribute he can have. It comes from within. It is where his faith dwells, his soul rests and his love grows.

For years, I long to be pursued. In my longing, I have tried to pursue in order to be pursued. But I only ended up broken and wounded. I learned I was not designed to be the one pursuing in the first place. So instead, I have learned the secret of being content. Content in who I am, where I am and what I have.

God has placed that void in my heart for a purpose. And that is for me to seek Him in my life. I have learned that even if this man-of-strength exists and comes pursuing me, a part of me would still not be satisfied. Because this void is a God-sized void that none in this world can ever fill. So, I choose to remain in His presence – the only pursuit I’d ever want to pursue in my life.

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