Day 5: What do you want to be when you grow up?


“I would like to be a teacher!” The seven-year old me tells the 30+ odd-year old me.

It fascinates me how I remember so clearly whenever some grown-ups back in the days would ask me this. I remember how I would always play the ‘teacher-student’ drama in one of our rooms-turned-makeshift-classroom in our old family house. I remember the mess, (and when I say mess, I meant total chaos!) that my playmates would make in that little room which to us were our safe ‘haven’. Its walls were covered with chalk scribbles from top to bottom with notes in every corner saying, “Please do not erase! (or you’re dead!)”. Then, facing the wall were empty chairs of my make-believe ‘imaginary’ students. That room was my secret hide out up until I reached the age 10. (So, if anyone sees me talking to some imaginary friends, you know already how I developed the talent!)

I just love to teach. I even remember imitating my teachers – their smiles, their sweetness and kindness, their jokes and even their expressions when they get mad at us – their students. I even remember writing my own lesson plan, homework and even test papers. I would even have my own grading sheet and each quarter (or whenever I feel like it) I would announce who made it to the Top 10! What’s even funnier was at some point I would even give my students a ‘surprise’ quiz, which would obviously frighten them to bits. (Can you imagine the terrified look in my imaginary students faces? You should have seen because they’re really shocked! Haha!)

Reminiscing these fondest childhood memories brings a big smile to my face. I realized, I may not have ended up becoming a teacher by profession, but I still became a teacher in my own ways – an adviser to my friends, a mentor to my colleagues, a volunteer Kids Church teacher and a helping hand to my family. I enjoy sharing valuable insights to whoever asks for it. I certainly enjoy seeing my friends’ progress and grow into maturity – to which I also owe from them the lessons I learned in my own life.

As I grow up (and get older), I realized that this life is one big classroom of endless lessons yet to be learned (and unlearned), an adventure yet to be explored and a journey yet to be had to a destiny that is eternal.

We prepare ourselves not only for the expected examinations of life but more than ever to ‘quizzes’ here and there that oftentimes catch us by surprise. We surely do not like being caught unprepared when this happens. We want to stay strong when moments like these strike us. So, we begin asking questions – BIG profound questions about ourselves and about life in general.

“Who made me this way?”

“Who put ‘me’ in this body?”

“Why am I born this way?”

“What on earth am I here for?”

“What is the meaning of this life?”

“What is the purpose of my life?”

And then I realized, that there is more to life than what we learn in school, or what we read in books, or what we hear from different people. The more I dig in to the truth, the more I understand that I don’t really know much about life. And I need a teacher who knows everything about how we are to live this life victoriously.

That’s when I begin to look up.

And believe.

That perhaps, somewhere somehow in the vastness of this wondrous universe…

There is a GOD.

And I want Him to be my Teacher.

And I, His student.


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