Day 4: Abandoned and Found by Grace

A friend of mine shared to me her story of how her husband, after being married for four years, abandoned her like an unwanted kitten left alone in the middle of nowhere.

It was a one fine day, who would have thought, she bid goodbye to her husband at the airport as he was off to fly out for a business trip overseas only to find out after a few days that he was never ever going to come home. He was out of reach. Phone had been switched off. He didn’t check in to the hotel which he said he was going to. No goodbye note.

Nothing. Just complete dead silence.

Questions flooded her mind. How could he do such a thing? Why would something so nice end up just like that? 

In one snap of a finger – gone!

She tried everything she could to find out where he was. Traveled each and every country she knew he could possibly be ‘hiding’. But no luck. He simply just chose not to be found.

When finally, one day she received a phone call from him saying he wanted to meet up. But then his only reason was because he wanted a divorce.

I thought, That was just so cruel! 

Cruel was not even enough to describe the torment he has put my friend through all those months that she spent trying to chase him down and the nights she spent all alone in her bed wondering how a person who made a vow to her to be with her in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, till death do us part – could just simply abandon her for no reason at all.

He fell out of love, he said. Then later my friend found out that there was another girl. So typical!

I felt my heart crushed just thinking, what if that happens to me? I don’t think I could bear the horrific pain. I guess I would rather be separated to a loved one by death but not abandonment. That, for me was just completely unimaginable! Unbearable!

Abandonment is a deliberate decision to leave someone behind. Deliberate! I guess, that makes it even more painful. The fact that there was a choice to stay, but they chose not to.

That’s just so excruciating!

So I asked, “How did you cope up with the pain?”

She said, “The Lord found me and He gave me a brand new hope and a new perspective in living. He promised me, never to leave me nor forsake me. And that gave me hope, that this God of the universe loves me and assures to be with me in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, and even in death, He promises that I will never die but will have eternal life.”

That was almost five years ago now. She has moved on… Although it was not an easy journey. There were several bumps in the road. But in spite of it all, she has found peace in her heart. Her earthly husband may have divorced her, but the Prince of Peace, accepted her and made her His bride. His grace found her when the world abandoned her.

She now joyfully serves God by ministering to other women, and faithfully believes that in God’s perfect time, He will fulfil her desire to have a godly husband and get married again. God is faithful and He restores.

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