Day 1: Getting Started – The Purpose


So it has officially begun! My first entry to the ‘My 500 Words Challenge for 31 days’.

Why I even took this challenge? I don’t know! Perhaps, I have gone out of my mind! Where am I going to get 500 words each day for the next 31 days? Do I have the ability? And my goodness, I’ve checked out the other writer’s entries and I thought to myself, “How are they able to do that? Where did they get their ideas from? Can I do that too?”

Oh well, let’s get real now. Before I get into the nitty gritty of writing a certain topic. I just want to put everything into its right perspective.

Why am I doing this?

Well, I actually know why – and I have to remind myself of this purpose everyday, so that I don’t get side tracked.

First and foremost, I am doing this not to impress other people with my writing skills. Honestly, most of the time, well, I mean 100% of the time, I am actually very embarrassed of my writing. Most of my work can sit under the ‘drafts’ section of my blog for as long as I want them to – out of fear that people might judge or criticize my work or what goes on in my head because I could sometimes have the ability to think like a rollercoaster, looks-fun-in-the-outside-but-twisted-and-coo-coo-in-the-inside kind of person and I don’t want people to know that. Ha! So, it’s now out in the open. Now, don’t get surprised if I write certain topics that you might find weird or bizarre, or you might get caught up hanging in the middle of it. Hopefully, that part of my writing will improve as I go along.

Secondly, I also just want to push myself more into writing. Get into the habit of putting my thoughts into words that other people can read or relate to. I need to discipline my hand and my brain the same way I discipline my body into going to the gym – this, by the way, deserves another post for another time. So anyway, I need to get my brain working again – just like when I was still a college student when I can write as much essay or homework as I want to every day and not even worry about what to write about. It didn’t matter if I would just blubber myself all the way to the end. Yes, that kind of discipline.

And then finally, one of my ultimate life dream is to be able to write a book. Yes, a book! If I am able to write at least one book in my lifetime, I would be the happiest person in the world! I still don’t know yet what I will be writing about – perhaps a novel, an inspirational or devotional book, or a collection of poems. I don’t know, but I will get there – one step at a time. I have got some ideas already though and you’ll get to know more about it in my upcoming entries – at least you got something to look forward to from me now!

So, what do I expect at the end of this challenge? That’s a good question!

It’s quite simple, I expect to be good (or better) at this craft, master the habit (though this might take more time) and be able to officially call myself, well… a writer! And at the end of this challenge, I would probably buy myself a medal! Wouldn’t that be cool?

There goes my 500+ words for today. I promise, I will write something serious tomorrow!

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