A Wise Exchange

Here’s another very touching story from an anonymous author. It speaks volume about the love of our Heavenly Father to us. Be blessed! 

      One day, a little girl named Jenny was with her mother in the grocery store. She saw a toy pearl bracelet worth USD20. She became giddy with excitement and asked her mother to buy it for her. “Are you sure you like it?” her mother asked.

       “Yes, Mommy! Please, please, please buy it for me!”

       So the mother bought the toy pearls for little Jenny.

       Jenny’s father, who loved her very much, read a bedtime story to Jenny each night. One night, after reading to her, he asked her, “Jenny, do you love me?”

       “Of course I love you, Daddy,” she said.

       “Can you give me your pearl bracelet?” he asked.

       Little Jenny pouted. “You can have my princess doll, Daddy, but not my pearl bracelet. That’s my favorite.”

       Daddy smiled, “That’s okay Jenny, I love you.” He kissed her good night.

       Seven days later, after another reading session, the father asked again, “Jenny, do you love me?’

       “Daddy, you know that I love you,” the little girl said.

       “Can you give me your pearl bracelet?” he smiled.

       “No Daddy, please. You can have my brush, my violet pen, and my red hair band. But not my pearl bracelet!”

       He chuckled. “That’s okay, hon. I love you,” and kissed her goodnight.

       But a few days later, a teary-eyed Jenny came to her father and said, “Daddy, I love you very much,” and placed in his hand her toy pearl bracelet.

       Her father gave her a big hug and said, “I have a very special gift for you, little girl.” He pulled out from his pocket a beautiful velvet case with gold lining. He opened it, showing to her a genuine pearl bracelet. “This is yours. No more toy pearl bracelet for you, my princess. You deserve the real one.”

 Friends, this is the kind of wise exchange that God wants to give to us.

 God wants to take what is cheap and fake in our lives (our addictions), so that He could give us something much, much better (our holy ambitions).

Give up your addiction.

Give up what is counterfeit.

Give up what destroys you.

Give up what pulls you away from God and life and happiness.

Like Jenny, you deserve better.

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