My Little Shadow

I remember when my sister and I were still young and little, we were just so inseparable (or should I say, she won’t separate from me). On my quest to be ‘separated’ from her, I would run to my playmate’s house who also happened to be our neighbor and I would hide behind their window, tree, curtain or every possible place I could squeeze my little body in. But unfortunately, my little quest would always end up a failure as my lil sister, as cute as she was (exactly as in this photo) – had a thing for hide-and-seek and she would never stop until she finds me. I used to get so annoyed whenever she follows me – like everywhere I go! She was like my little shadow and I couldn’t seem to get rid of her. My mom would always ask me to look after her, which oftentimes leave me irritated because I couldn’t seem to enjoy my own freedom.

Inseparable! We finish each other’s sentence and we can read each other’s minds! haha!


But as time passed by, I learned that having a lil sister is like having an extension of yourself. It’s like having another set of arms when you need a helping hand; another pair of eyes when you can’t seem to see the good in yourself and in others especially during your difficult times; another mouth that speaks words of encouragement when your own lips could only speak nothing but defeat; another pair of feet to walk with you when you’re down and beat and could no longer walk any farther; and just the thought of having another person with whom you share the same genes, same blood, same family name (and same room!) – who truly understands you and sticks with you no matter what – is a tremendous blessing which I am so grateful for!

And this is why I love her so much! I really appreciate having her in my life. So, my dear sister, thank you for always being there for me like a shadow that won’t go away. You’re amazing and I love u! 🙂 ❤️😘

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