Restored Heart

“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” Psalm 147:3

Yesterday, as I was driving myself to work, I got stuck in a long traffic due to heavy rains. As usual, so I won’t start complaining, I let my mind linger and began a conversation in my head. But unlike any other days, I was no longer talking to my old self anymore. But now, I am talking to my NEW reborn self – speaking faith and hope to myself and thanking God for all the wonderful things He has done in me especially over the past few months.

I am still amazed even up to this very moment really! I can’t believe that only three months up to just four days ago, I was still battling with tormenting thoughts and emotions – thoughts of guilt, condemnation, self-pity, bitterness and anger caused by a broken relationship. But now, those thoughts are all gone! Like it was zapped out off my brain! The pain is no longer there as if I have been given me a brand new heart, mind and soul.

I am healed! 

Now, I can smile again without faking it. I can laugh again when something is really funny. And most importantly, I am now able to appreciate life more and see hope even in a difficult situation. 

I have been set free! 

I never imagined during those darkest days and nights that this day will ever come… and it did! God has been so faithful to complete what He has started in my life and I am excited to find out what He has in store for my future. 

Over the next coming weeks, I will try to share with you the process I’ve gone through and how God has marvelously held my hand every step of the way. My prayer is that my story would help you find your own personal healing and restoration as well and it would draw you closer to God in the process. I promise you, it’ll be worth it! 

Always remember, God is faithful. He loves you and cares for you. He is after your heart because it is where His spirit dwells. 

Keep walking and keep believing. This too shall pass. 

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