I read this story many years ago and posted it in my facebook account. (I didn’t get the name of the author, unfortunately.) When I saw it again today, I feel so blessed by it. I hope it does the same thing for you. Let’s not forget the scars that remind us how loved we are. God bless! 🙂


One day, a mother and her little boy went to the farm.

Through the kitchen window, she saw her little boy dive into the lake behind the house. It was such a glorious sight, just seeing her son swim through the water.Suddenly, she screamed in terror. For from the opposite direction, something was also swimming to her boy’s direction—and he didn’t know. It was an alligator!

She ran out to him, all the while shouting to the top of her lungs, “Get out of the lake! There’s an alligator!”

The little boy saw the oncoming alligator. He turned around and started swimming back as fast as he could.


When he touched land, two things happened at the same time. The mother grabbed his arms but the alligator sunk its sharp teeth on his legs. What happened next was a tug-o-war between his mother and the beast. The alligator was very strong, but so was his mother’s love. She simply wouldn’t let go.

A few minutes later, a man who was driving in his truck saw what was happening. Moving quickly, he got out of his truck, grabbed his rifle, and shot the alligator.  


A couple of weeks later, the little boy was in the hospital recuperating from his wounds. A journalist entered his room, wanting to interview him.

After a few questions, she asked, “Would you mind if we get a photo of your wounds?”

“Sure,” the little boy said. “I have two wounds. Which ones do you want to photograph?”

The journalist didn’t understand. “What do you mean?”

The little boy removed his blanket and exposed his scarred legs. “These are the scars from the alligator’s teeth.” His legs were covered with ugly puncture wounds.

He then said, “But my other wounds—that’s what I’m proud of. He exposed his arms, and showed off the ugly scars of his mother’s fingernails that dug deep into his skin. “I love these scars because they represent my mother’s love. The reason why I have these scars is because my mother would not let go of me.”


Friend, if you look into your life, you’ll find that you too have these scars. They come from a God that held on to you and wouldn’t let go. Were it not for those scars, you would have been swallowed up by the enemy.

Perhaps you didn’t get that job you prayed for. Perhaps you didn’t get the guy you wanted. Perhaps you didn’t get the project you worked for. God sees the future. He saw that if you got what you wanted, you would be swallowed up by the enemy. So He pulled you back. You got hurt. You got denied. You got rejected. Yes, you have scars—but these are scars of God’s Love for you!

Trials have a way of bringing you closer to God.

Dear friend, bounce from your trials.

Bounce forward.

Bounce Godward!

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