What is Your Dream?

I got a facebook notification this morning about a post that I made exactly a year ago today. (It’s always nice to look back at some memories, doesn’t it?) 

This was what I posted…. an excerpt from a book of one my favourite authors, the late Dr. Myles Munroe.


This is why I always ask people what their dreams and visions are and what they are currently doing about them in order to achieve them. For me, personally, it doesn’t matter if you were born to a rich or poor family nor if you were a citizen of a first or third world country. You can have all the material luxury and perks of the rich or the toughest trials and challenges of the poor, but at the end of the day, it is your vision that is going to take you to your destiny.

So I challenge you, take some time today and ask yourself, “What is my dream? Where do I want to go? When do I want to achieve them? What are the challenges in front of me right now? How can I beat those challenges?” Once you’ve answered them, set a goal, make a plan and prepare a timetable to guide you. Write them on a piece of paper so you have something to look back on later on and make adjustments, if necessary.

Then pray about it. The bible says, “Commit to the Lord, whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” (Proverbs 16:3) I always believe that grace and favour can only come from God who makes it possible for you and me to always be in the right place, the right time and to be with the right people – which all of us need in order for our plans to succeed. That is why, prayer is very important. 

Always remember, the person you are now is the person you visualise some years ago. If maybe you have encountered some roadblocks on your way to your dream and you set the dream aside for a while thinking it’s too late nor it’s probably never going to happen anymore. Well, you see, the good thing about waking up in the morning – as long as the sun rises, it tells you that there is hope. Each morning gives you a chance to start fresh. 

As Helen Keller puts it, “the only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” 
It’s never too late, so start having a good vision of yourself and start dreaming again! 🙂 

You’ll get there and I’m cheering you on! 

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