My Prayer for 2015: Make Me The Happiest Person on the Planet! :)

It’s our church’s Annual Prayer and Fasting Week once again and I am so excited. I personally hold this week as a ‘sacred’ week since it is the time at the beginning of the year when we, as member of one body of Christ come together before the Lord, consecrating ourselves, committing our plans and believing for breakthroughs and miracles in all areas of our lives.

I badly need a breakthrough. We all do. I am a person who like to dream BIG dreams and make GREAT plans. But I also believe that in order to see my dreams come pass, I need some divine intervention. I cannot do them on my own. My strength, my capacity and my intellect are very limited. Therefore, I need the power of an unlimited God who is the author of the desires of my heart. In order to achieve my goals, I need to be connected with Him always.

I need Him.

To need Him, I need to desire Him and be in His presence always and everyday. As I know, even this could be a difficult task since we always have the tendency to do things on our own. We like to own the glory instead of giving it back to the One who owns it. We like to be ‘independent’, when in fact, even if we don’t acknowledge Him, He is still the one who has always been there for us.

The bible says, “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” (Proverbs 3:5-6 NIV).

So my prayer this year is simple, “Lord, help me to always trust you – to hold on to your promises because I know you are good; to depend on You because I know that your power is limitless; to submit to You because I know that you always save what is best for me; to love you with all my heart, mind and soul because I know you love me more than I could ever think or imagine. I want to desire You Lord forever in my life, because I know even when my prayers get answered or see my dreams come to pass, at the end of it all, when all the hype and excitement has faded, it’s having You – your unfailing love and your glorious presence in my life each day – is the ONLY thing (and nothing else) – that could really make me the happiest person on the planet!

And I want to be happy everyday.

Because when I am happy, my light shines ever so brightest; when I am happy, I could bring a smile to a lonely face; when I am happy, I could go on and on talking about Jesus even to a complete stranger; when I am happy, I could accomplish great things; when I am happy, I could change the world – one life at a time, one family at a time, one nation at a time, one generation at a time.

This is my prayer.

If this note finds you, I encourage you wherever you may be, to seek the Lord. If you have been planning to start your year right, struggling year in and year out accomplishing nothing and ending up feeling depressed. Why not, this time, start by committing your plans to the Lord, for a change? You have got nothing lose but everything to gain. Surely, even if things around you may fail, He will never ever fail you because He loves you! 🙂

“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” (Jeremiah 33:3 NIV)

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