Mission: Accomplished

(Earlier I posted the blog, “A Ladder with a Mission“, which I wrote three years ago. I thought I should better write a follow up and a conclusion to it.)

Present time – 5th August 2014

And so those were my sentiments back then. The mission was still vague at the time. All I could see were hindrances to my progress that I may be missing out a lot. But three years later, I have seen the bigger purpose unfold right before my very eyes.

I have been working in this same company since 2007 and we have had a total of sixty staff members who have left since the recession in 2008. I have learned to use the time with my colleagues in a productive manner. I never stopped praying for each one of them. I would share in every possible way the love of God regardless of their religious background. I have learned that since people come and go, my time is very short, therefore I must use it effectively. When given the chance to engage my colleagues, either through a day-to-day conversation or opportunities to share my views on certain topics, I would simply speak my mind based on biblical principles or simply just be a friend whom they could trust.

For some who were still a hard ground, I would give a bible or my favorite Christian books as birthday or Christmas presents – which of course they would not say “no” to. There were also those who were just about ripe for harvest whose hearts were ready to receive the Lord, then I would invite them to church or a bible study. Three of them have become part of my small group and one just got baptized. Then recently, (about two weeks ago) one of my hard grounds have softened finally, after 6 long years of watering with prayers, she has just committed her life to the Lord and is now attending the church. (She, herself has also invited friends to church).

Whenever I think about those moments of solitude in the office where I was tempted to sulk in my loneliness because I was the sole ‘survivor’ of the recession (I wasn’t so happy about it because I absorbed all the ‘jobs’ of the people who have left), I realized that I wasn’t really just seated on the lowest stool in the company. In natural fact, God has promoted me to a level where the ladder I climb goes up to heaven and he placed me in a position where I can be a light and salt that leads those men and women towards the right path. Had I allowed myself to be buried by animosity towards my job or the people I work with, I wouldn’t be able to fulfill my heavenly mission.

A few weeks ago, I just had this gut feel that my time with my present company is about to come to a close. I just knew it with an inner knowing which I couldn’t explain. Everything is starting to fall into place. I prayed to God that my boss will release me wholeheartedly, so I wouldn’t have to worry about the handover of my work. When I spoke to him, he freely gave me his blessings. That was already a miracle! I cried as he spoke to me, “you have been a wonderful employee and most of all a trusted friend. You have worked very hard through all those difficult years. If there are anything else you wish to pursue – the dreams of your heart  – I will not stand in the way. You are free to leave any time you wish – tomorrow, next week, next month or even next year – it doesn’t matter when. But should you change your mind or things don’t work out wherever it is you want to go, you are always free to come back. You will always have a family here.”

That is all I needed to hear, then I can truly say, “Mission accomplished!” 🙂

“His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’” – Matthew 25:21a

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