The Writer Within


How would you know if you have the gift in writing? Does it take a university degree to actually write something that would catch someone’s interest? Or perhaps you already know it but you are just too afraid to even try.

All I know is that every time something extraordinary happen in my life, I want to record it in a piece of paper or a notebook. Extraordinary for me would mean surviving an emotional heartache, experiencing a breakthrough, asking questions which I couldn’t answer at the moment but hopeful that one day they will all get answered or it could be an outpouring of thoughts and emotions that my mind couldn’t contain. It all started there. But I didn’t know then that it is indeed a gift.

I was in denial. I was afraid. I often say to myself, “How can I have such a gift when I could not even construct a sentence that would actually sound like music to my ear much less to somebody else’s. I know I have ideas, experiences and stories I would like to share to other people, but I would always pull back out of fear of rejection and criticism. I was always anxious about not having the right words to say or write. But the desire is so intense that it burns in my heart. I believe that somewhere somehow I have to open my gift. The question is, when?

When I was a little girl, my mom bought me a pocket dictionary. I remember trying to put different words together though I could not really understand how those weird-sounding words could even make up a sentence. But I remember I wrote something like a short narrative out of the words beginning with the letter “M”. I couldn’t remember anymore what I wrote back then. I was sure it didn’t make any sense. But what I remember very well was the joy I felt while trying to tangle those words together. I knew then that someday, I’ll be making something big out of words.

I always thought I needed a degree to be writer or be a vocabulary genius in order to write. But now I realized that those were actually just tools and guide. The most important thing is that ‘something’ that is already within me… the gift waiting to be unwrapped.

My tongue is a pen of a skillful writer (Psalm 45:1). These were the words of the psalmist in the bible. Perhaps he discovered his gifts and he learned that his tongue is a pen just like what Jesus said, “…for out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks(Luke 6:45).

Perhaps you’re like me, who is still hesitant to come out in the open. But then, I’d like to encourage you to open your mouth, if not speak write them down – that has been burning in your heart. It’s your gift – your destiny. Unwrap it. Open it for the whole world to see. Let it out. Do not be afraid. Shine. Shine. Shine for the glory of God.

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  1. Brian_87! says:

    Why waiting for the extraordinary to strike? The most meaningful pleasures in life are free and ordinary! A baby’s laughter, tasting tomato, ahh lemons, fighting with friends and so one. They all are ordinary phenomenons that should be enjoy and recorded in a piece of paper or a notebook 🙂
    I am sure you will do this with equal grace..!


    1. piagurl says:

      True! I guess my problem with the ‘ordinary’ is that I forget them quite easily. But you’re right, these are equally meaningful and worth a space in my writing. 🙂 Thanks!


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