My King and I


Jesus, my lover and my King,

Let’s dance this night away.

Teach me new steps.

Take me to brand new heights.

Fill me with Your Spirit.

There is just the two of us,

Alone in the dance floor.

Hold my hand and show me the way.

I lay my worries down,

In your altar where it belongs

For what matters most now

Is the One holding my hand,

It’s You, my King.

This is our moment,

Just You and me,

As the angels sing our love song,

I turn and I twirl around you

You lead the steps and I follow you,

My God and my King.

I put my trust in you,

As I lean on your shoulders

For I know this night is just for us,

I’d put on my most precious garment,

The joy you restored and the love you gave me.

It is all for You, Lord.

You made this just for me,

For You saw the beauty

Behind the stain of sin.

You thought of me

As Your most priceless jewel.

So I am all Yours,

And You are all mine.

Teach me to love You more,

Each day and every moment of my life

Like a love that knows no bound

And knows no end.

And be swept away by Your love,

Over and over again

For all eternity.


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