Grey (Hair) Anatomy

hair pluck(I saw this note from one of my blogs a few years ago. It gave me a good laugh as I try to recall that particular incident. I thought this story was also very timely since I will be celebrating my birthday again in a few days. Hope you enjoy reading it as I am sure some of you could even relate to it. 😀 )

This morning, as I was blow drying my hair, I found a lump of grey hair on top of my head as if they were happily meeting together to recruit more new friends.

“Oh my gosh! How did it multiply this fast?” I said to myself in utter disbelief, while I search frantically for my tweezer. This is not happening. I thought.

Pluck! Ooh! That hurts! Here’s another one.

Pluck! Ouch! How did these little grey hair reproduce so quickly?

Pluck! Hmmm… It must be the shampoo.

Pluck! Of course! It’s the hair dye!

Pluck! Oh wait! Or the hair treatment I just had.

Pluck! Well, they say grey hair is a sign of having accumulated so much wisdom over the years. So, it can’t be that bad.

Yeah, right!

Then came out what the ‘undenial’ has been pointing out to the ‘denial’…

Pluck! Alright! I am old!

I’ll be turning 33 next month. Can you believe it? “I am 33. I am 33 years old! Did I say 33? Yes, 33!” I have to say it over and over until the blood in my veins, the nerves in my brain and the air in my lungs tell me, “Yes, you are 33!”

I just find it so funny when people ask me how old I am, I will always have to stop and think for a second, work back the present year and the year I was born. Seriously! I stopped counting at the age of 25! Can you blame me if my heart felt as childlike as I were back then? I don’t see anything wrong with that, do you? 😀

I just thought after this morning’s plucking exercise with my new found grey friends living on top of my head, has had me thinking that… Yes, I have to face the reality. I have to look after myself more now. Be more watchful with what I eat. Be more active physically. Be healthy. Be wise. Be good. After all, I am not getting any younger! Oh, did I mention that I’m buying a new hair colour tonight? I think might go blonde! What do you think? 😀

Not getting any younger! LOL
Not getting any younger! LOL!

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